Stop snoring iphone app


Stop snoring iphone app

It can record snoring or other background noises while you are asleep. by johncdali, take it from an MD This program works and is a very useful tool to share with your doctor.

ZQuiet is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that can deliver outstanding results for a low price.

Snore Lab is an EU registered trade-mark. The Snore Score is a means of comparing snoring across nights, allowing you test the effectiveness of snoring remedies and measure the impact of special factors such as alcohol on your snoring. In the morning click Wake.

The app works by comparing the patients snoring to a bank of pre-recorded snores captured in the app. For US2.99 snorers (or their long-suffering partners) can purchase a new iPhone app developed by Remote ysis Ltd, a telemedicine provider from Finland, that yzes snoring and advises if the patient should seek medical help.

Great app for yzing anti your snore patterns. If you encounter any issues with SnoreLab or would like to contact us for any other reason (press enquiries, business development opportunities) please use the form below. by JulieG.

Lets you compare snoring across nights. After this you can browse a graph based on the night time recording and listen to audio clips revealing your snoring. Just place the iPhone on your night stand, click Record and go to sleep.

The app includes sample audio clips of regular snoring and sleep apnea.

This is a simple, effective tool to better health.

ZQuiets standard package now includes 2 mouthpieces each with a different level of jaw advancement a more comfortable option for milder snorers and a stronger version for more severe snorers.

My wife and I thank you, especially my Wife!


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