How much does stop snoring surgery cost


How much does stop snoring surgery cost

Standard laup treatment done in most centers requires three to five treatments to slowly shrink the floppy palate. This procedure is used to strengthen the soft palate which helps to prevent it from flopping around in your airway. . We charge 949.00 Cdn including GST.

Most remaining noise was described as heavy breathing only.

Email: Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00.m. The CO2 laser is used to remove the uvula and trim the soft palate, with the treatment taking 20-30 minutes.

I tried it and its clever. The uvula is the piece of flesh than dangles from the middle of the soft palate at the back of the throat.

I made the appointment because I snore very loudly.

Laser Treatments: Performed at the Arbutus Laser Centre.

There is a small amount of bleeding blood that occurs when the incisions are made but this quickly stops.


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