Natural product to regrow hair


Natural product to regrow hair

Apply this fresh juice onto the bald patches with a clean cotton ball. So whats the solution? Avoid Using Hair Products with Harsh Ingredients.

Include bananas, chickpeas, oatmeal, chicken breast, and potatoes in your diet. Coconut Milk, not many of us know reviews that coconut milk has great properties to induce hair growth.

Make sure you are getting enough iron, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s. Apply coconut oil on your scalp and leave for thirty minutes. This helps in eliminating the hair related disorder androgenetic alopecia and stimulates new growth cells in your hair.

Lemon, detoxify your hair with the citric juicy fruit lemon that will help in boosting the circulation of your scalp, regeneration of new hair cells, stimulates hair growth and eliminates dandruff, lice and other such unwanted substances.

Then massage the juice onto the scalp with light hands for 2-3 minutes so that it is absorbed quickly. Repeat this at least twice a week for effective results. You need to ensure aging that your body is contented from inside so that taking proper care can result into regrowth of the lost hair.

Using Hair Masks, another good natural treatment for hair loss is by using a hair mask that is therapeutic. Blend the paste with licorice water and apply to your scalp.

Store this oil in a glass container and massage the bald patches with this concoction once daily before going to the bed at night. Most of the shampoos available in the market contain SLS and SLEs thatinvariably harms the hair follicles in the long run.


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