How to stop pugs snoring


How to stop pugs snoring

At the snoring same time though snoring is also a problem for you as it can be a sign of apnea meaning that you may stop breathing in the night causing you to wake up and even risking suffocation in extreme cases, and it can also.

Pekinese, Pugs, Boston Terriers are known to snore as their windpipe flattens which makes it difficult to breathe.

If your dog has always been snoring, you are likely dealing with a dog whose conformation makes snoring more likely. But if you are determined to help your pooch, there are several options for you.

Not many dog owners know, but dogs have teeth that have very long roots that reach the dog's nasal area. Avoid alcohol or sleeping tablets: Both alcohol and sleeping tablets are depressants and relaxants meaning that your muscles relax as a result.

A round sleeping bed might stop the snoring, as your dog will curl up and this helps the airway passages to expand. It can also increase your dog's life span.

These elongated soft palates are what are blamed for causing brachycephalic dogs to snort, gag and snore more than other dog breeds. As in people, a dog sleeping on his back, may be more likely to snore than a dog sleeping on his side.

At a closer look, we may notice that the nostrils in several of these breeds are very small, so much so that some snoring have just tiny slits for nostrils.

Some dogs snore because of their conformation, but in some cases, especially where snoring is a new behavior, it can be indicative of health problems.


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