Regrow hair above temples in bangkok


Regrow hair above temples in bangkok

Donor dominance : The concept that hair follicles transplanted from the donor area will continue to grow in the recipient area.

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A graft may contain a single hair follicle, a single follicular unit, multiple follicular units, or even 20 or more follicles (as in a large round graft).

Temples/temporal area : The two upper outer corners where the forehead meets the hairline.

The most popular varieties are micrografting (1-2 hairs) and minigrafting (3-8 hairs). Starting anytime after puberty with a recession of the hairline and thinning of the crown areas, it can eventually lead to complete baldness at the top of the scalp. A micrograft is typically placed into holes made in the scalp with a microneedle or punch.

In practice today, MUGs contain 2-6 follicular units per graft. The round graft is obtained from the donor site by surgical removal and may be used "as is" or may be sliced into smaller sections for micro-, mini- or slit grafts. The numbers of hair follicles per graft vary widely depending upon the transplantation technique used.

Also called "Female Hereditary Hair Thinning.".


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