My dad wont stop snoring


My dad wont stop snoring

The kid had a very rotten life. Every one of my close friends she has wanted me to stop seeing, and now she is working her way through my family too, and yet I am not allowed to say anything negative at all about her friends or family?

Frankly I didn't know until she added that I bought it from Walmart, and then she added for my nephew. As a result I have kept a couple things from her as I am not about to dump my nephew for life, and I am trying to avoid her what I feel to be unreasonable anger over my relationship with him. For one, my fiancee wants me to like her family and friends, and yet she so far has found every reason in the book not to like anyone that I have known my whole life.

Her attitude is that once someone does something wrong to her that she isn't willing to give them another chance. She claims that I lied to her when she asked me what this clothing order for XL shirts was, and I said that I didn't know.

I wish that I earned enough to overcome it, but I lost a 30-year career due to declining eyesight, and while I have recently finished my college degree, at age 57 jobs offers have yet to come. What the heck lady, I am not about to dump my 22 year old nephew when he needs my help, and while I love you, I feel what you are doing in-regard to him and to my involvement with him and his needs is abusive.

Even though he now lives 1300 miles away I did buy him a 60 Christmas gift, which my fiancee was mad as all get-out about. So, where do we go from here?

Finally he got a job as a cook at a restaurant there a week ago. Of course, that rule doesn't apply to her kids, or to her kid's spouses, girlfriends, or even to their friends either, no, it only applies to my friends and now my family. We used to have a great relationship but there are some disturbing trends developing and I am questioning them.

It has been a beautiful relationship about 98 of the time until recently, and now we have been fighting for 3 days straight over the 60 worth of work clothing that I bought my nephew for his new job, behind her back. His other uncles, aunts, and I have tried hard snoring to help him when he needed help, even though none of us are well off, as we don't want to see him end up dead.

The only problem was that he needed some clothing for work and his other uncle was couldn't afford to help him with. We would have been married by now but we have needed the financial support that her ex provides her. Of course, it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.


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