Air pump to stop snoring


Air pump to stop snoring

apple health integration - icloud synchronization: Synchronization among your devices (optionally).

We are able to package with color packing BOX or with clear plastic BAG or Printing your logo and brand name on the strips or color packing box).

Place your iPhone (iPad) according to the instructions (see screenshots).

Reduce snore and improve breathe for athletes, indications: can relieve nasal obstruction to prevent snore and improve sleep quality. Material: PE, Non-woven cloth and film, capabilities: Peel off intensity .0 n / cm, air permeation rate 200 g / m 24 h, normally no rash or skin irritation, functions: Expand nasal passages; Used for relief nasal congestion caused by cold, allergy and rhinitis. If rash or skin irritation occurs, discontinue stop use.

stop snoring: Possibility of playing chosen sound or using iPhone vibration when the snoring is detected.

The noise produced by these vibrations is called snoring. Orthopedic Cervical Spine Support Full Size Memory Foam Pillow.

Product Description, nasal Strips, reduce snoring, improve breathing during exercise, provide drug-free relief from nasal congestion, structure-It's Simple. Set "Airplane Mode" or "Do Not Disturb" on your iPhone (iPad) for undisturbed sleep.

activation delay: Start monitoring after a period of time. For single use only. . Allow you and your partner to get a good night's rest.

(77,100 a fuel tank a n d pump t o stop b e used for back-up.

Size is important -Get the right size for maximum benefit, medium: 55mm x 16mm (fits 75 of adult noses. . Highlights: - snore yzer (tracker Sleep cycle yzes and statistics with complete history and beautiful charts. Large: 66mm x 19mm (for an adult with a larger nose cautions: To get maximum results, please place strip correctly.


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