Regrow broken off hair in the middle


Regrow broken off hair in the middle

Just because some of your hair has broken off, doesn't mean you have to live with short locks forever. Figuring out how to repair it is no easy feat either. .

Depending on the natural strength of your hair (some people are born with thick, durable hair, while others naturally have thinner, more brittle hair) and how often you color or use heat it on, the potential for breakage will vary. The key is to isolate the crown area and pamper it to life.

They can damage the hair follicle and cause strands to fall out. When combing your hair, start at the bottom and work your way up to the top to avoid yanking on knots and tangles.

You have to get in there good and make sure the crown area gets some love!

"If you frequently blow-dry your hair on high heat, you're undoubtedly causing stress and breakage says Sadick. You also want to be sure to moisturize (either protein or moisture-based) the crown area daily. By now, everyone knows that chemicals, bleach, and heat can dry out your hair, but they can also make it susceptible to breakage.

Is it a protein/moisture balancing issue? A few popular brands include Keratase, Head Shoulders, Neutrogena and Biosilk.

"Breakage is most often seen in the frontal breast area, where hair is frequently getting touched, brushed, and clipped says Sadick.


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