Best anti aging foods


Best anti aging foods

Cancer affects millions of people around the world each year, but broccoli has been directly linked to protecting against lung and stomach cancer, aging and also has anti-tumor properties that can help slow the spread of cancer if it does develop.

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Newslettery a krtk tipy vm budou pichzet 1-2 x msn o pokrocch v suplementrn medicn a zpotku 2x tdn krtk tipy ohledn spor u doplk stravy. While any of those particular body changes deserves an article unto itself, when developing a broad anti-aging diet, as many aspects of aging as possible should be considered.

Everything in moderation, especially sugar -rich chocolate! American Diabetes Association: Statistics About Diabetes. Mohlo by se vm tak lbit.

Ginger This ancient food should be in everyones diet, because it has an impact on dozens of bodily systems, many of which are linked to advanced age. International Osteoporosis Foundation: Special Considerations in the Very Elderly. The exposure of our skin to sunlight speeds up the aging process, and since the skin is the most visible part of our body, keeping that looking young is key.

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